TEL:(609) 884 - 7977/0368
Ferry(Rt. 9 South & 3845 Bay Shore Rd.), North Cape May, NJ 08204
Bay Shore Mall
(Between Acme & Biglots / 5 Mins From Cope Moy Lewis Ferry)
  • 1Angry Dragon RollShrimp Tempura & Spicy Tuna inside spicy crabmeat,caviar & Lemon cream sauce on top11.95
  • 2Asian Palace RollShrimp Tempura & cucumber inside crabmeat,avocado & caviar & spicy sauce on the top12.95
  • 3Crazy Tuna RollPepper tuna & avocado inside crunchy spicy tuna on the top13.50
  • 4Sunshine Daydream RollShrimp tempura,cucumber inside w, spicy lobster on top12.95
  • 5No Name RollCrunchy spicy tuna inside top w. eel & avocado11.95
  • 6Green Jade RollCucumber seaweed salad asparagus inside top w. avocado9.95
  • 7Lazy Daisy RollFried sweet potato spicy lobster cucumber with soy paper w. eel sauce9.95
  • 8Hanky-Panky RollCrunchy spicy tuna avocado inside top w. seared tuna & mayonnaise w. miso sauce13.50
  • 9East RollShrimp tempura avocado inside ,spicy tuna on top10.95
  • 10Green Dragon RollWhite tuna tempura asparagus in soy paper, spicy tuna w. kiwi on top & jalapeno sauce on the side13.95
  • 11Dream RollCrunchy spicy crabmeat inside, w. mango & caviar on top w. spicy mango sauce10.95
  • 12Sea Dragon RollCrunchy lobster salad inside top w. steamed shrimp & house spicy sauce11.95
  • 13Volcano RollCrunchy spicy tuna & avocado inside top with crunchy spicy kani & jalapeno peppers11.95
  • 14West RollCrunchy spicy lobster & avocado inside top w. tuna & salmon12.95
  • 15Golden Dream RollShrimp tempura avocado inside,top with fresh mango & spicy mango sauce11.95
  • 16Tropical RollCrunchy spciy shrimp crabmeat mango avocado& cucumber rolled in soybean paper9.95
  • 17Amazing RollWhite tuna tempura spicy tuna avocado inside,topped w. peppered tuna mango sauce13.00
  • 18Perfect RollCrunchy spicy shrimp & jalapeno topped w. mix of spicy kani and tobiko12.00
  • 19Lobster Dragon RollDeep fried whole roll w. spicy lobster and asparagus inside topped w. avocado & house sauce12.00
  • 20Sakura RollCrunchy spciy salmon w. shrimp & avocado on top10.95
Hot & Spicy
The FDA advises consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood or eggs increases your risk of foodborne illness. Let your server know of any allergies.